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 U.S. Department of the Interior
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Mid-July to late August is a wonderful time to admire the wildflowers at Mount Rainier National Park in Washington. Hundreds of unique species bloom in spectacular displays of color along lakeshores and in subalpine meadows. The heather, lupines, paintbrushes and spirea blossoming below the ice capped peak of Mount Rainier is one of the Pacific Northwest’s best sights. Photo by Bob Bass (www.sharetheexperience.org).
-Edjane Maps =wow.wonderful,lindissimo! Do you see President Obama and The White House?wow! #nature
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Happy aloha Monday!
Wishing you a peaceful and productive week.
Thank you for being a part of our family.
We love you very much
Photo by Bo Pardau
- Edjane Maps ALOHA!LUV! SEE President Obama!-It's my comment!

Edjane Maps
Edjane Maps is mine,wowww!for you too President Obama and The White House!And for everyone that love nature,ocean and sea!

Just for you.
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My beautiful home
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>>>>>> My beautiful home <<<<<<
My beautiful home
>>>>>> My beautiful home <<<<<<
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U.S. Department of the Interior
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Incredible sunsets are one of the many rewards of hiking along the Appalachian Trail, a national scenic trail that stretches from Georgia to Maine. Native to the Appalachian Mountains, rhododendrons bloom in this gorgeous photo that was taken along the trail near the Roan Highlands on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. With so many great vistas to choose from, this scenic area is a favorite with day hikers and backpackers alike. Photo courtesy of Serge Skiba.

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They call the valley walls here at Yosemite “cathedral walls,” and I understand why. There’s something sacred about this place. At places like this, we connect not just with ourselves, but with something bigger -- with the spirit of America itself.
Yesterday, our family visited the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. We went down into a cave more than 700 feet underground. That park might not be as well known as Yosemite or Yellowstone, but trust me -- the views there are just a...
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    Edjane Maps wow,wonderful nature of the Lord,President Obama the nature is for moments for reflection and relax and for smile,the life with courage,with love and peace,with this love for Nature,see,touch,sing,run...this is freedom!:) luv! great!

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U.S. Department of the Interior
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Similar to national parks, national conservation areas are designated by Congress and feature scientific, cultural, historical and recreational attributes. 
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U.S. Department of the Interior em Fort Point National Historic Site.
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From its vantage point overlooking the spectacular Golden Gate, Fort Point National Historic Site has stood guard over the San Francisco Bay for more than 150 years -- from California's Gold Rush through World War II and now as a National Historic Site. Built for the Civil War, the site has also been used as an army barracks, and during World War II, soldiers stationed at Fort Point guarded the entrance of the Golden Gate from submarine attacks. Although Fort Point never saw ...
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Wow,so wonderful nature of the LORD! :) <3
Montana Call of the Wild Photography
Flathead Lake
"Morning is the best of times..... The sun is not yet hot. Sweet vapors rise from the earth. Night dew clings to the soil and makes the plants g...
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My world is beautiful
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<3 My world is beautiful <3

Foto de My world is beautiful.

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