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"Just about every nation in the world, to some extent, admits immigrants. But there’s something unique about America. We don’t simply welcome new immigrants, we don’t simply welcome new arrivals—we are born of immigrants. That is who we are. Immigration is our origin story. And for more than two centuries, it’s remained at the core of our national character; it’s our oldest tradition. It’s who we are. It’s part of what makes us exceptional." —President Obama welcoming ‪#‎NewAmericans‬: go.wh.gov/NewCitizens

Edjane Maps I am so Proud with your wonderful words PresidentObama,We are all immigrants and Americans and Welcoming for #NewAmericans and i WISH GOOD NICE DAYS FOR EVERYONE and IN THE FUTURE,I WANT TO BE #NewAmerican FOR ME,TOO...God bless you!Amén! #StandStronger-edjane obama


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Tune in: welcomes during a Naturalization Ceremony.
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